Good nutrition is the basis for a well functioning body to support the activities of day-to-day living, protect your body cells from environmental damage and repair any cellular malfunction that might occur in the aging process. 

Without a regularly supply of good nutrients, our body’s wellbeing will be compromised.Nutrient level in our body varies with age, work stress and lifestyle. We need to continuously monitor and regulate our body’s nutritional balance to ensure our body can function effectively.

Our goal and treatment methodology is to provide a series of nourishing diet with therapeutic effects that will restore and improve health aspiration naturally and gradually. Regular supply of right nutrients is essential. Some nutrients can be produced naturally by your bodies and some nutrients can’t. To keep the body healthy, we have to understand the body and nourish it with the right nutrients. 

Nutrients stay in the body between 1 to 7 days. We adopt a practical approach to your lifestyle and recommend a wellness meal once a week for a start to allow the body to regulate the nourishment that it requires to help it reach a state of balance and goodness. You are going to feel a positive change along this journey with us while we assist you to discover wellness through Frunatic meals.