Bachelor (Honours) Degree in Food Science and Nutrition

Ms. Hyumi Wong is a certified nutritionist under the Singapore Nutrition & Dietician Association (SNDA) and has been in the health and wellness industry for several years. While on her stint as a dietician assistant, she is experienced in providing comprehensive assessments as well as involved in educating the elderly, children and individuals with special needs. She has also created new recipes, enhanced food service operation systems and conducted basic nutrition and food hygiene trainings to educate patients on preventive measures.
As a Nutritionist, Ms. Hyumi Wong continued her research and development for new nutritional products e.g. fortified milk powder for children. Additionally, she is involved in numerous projects such as involved in the annual Food Fair and Exhibition, conducting presentation for new product launches and etc. Ms. Hyumi Wong continues to impart her knowledge on food nutrition through health talks as well as counseling services to individual clients and corporate clients.